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The Nailed Method

This technique fixes the book to a board while you're cutting, making it easier to get clean, straight walls on the inside cavity. Best for large hardcovers or paperbacks of any size.

A hammer, wood, and large finishing nails are required.

Adding Magnetic Closures

Keep the book safe closed by adding a small magnet set into the pages. This is an especially nice touch to add if you're making book safes as gifts.

Adding a Background Image

Spruce up the inside of your book safe with just a few extra (and extra simple) steps.

Using a Paperback Book

Yes, you can use a paperback book for a hollow book safe! It won't look as good as a hardcover, and it's not as easy, but it can be done with these instructions.

The finished product.Making a Padded Fabric Interior

Add a professional-looking padded, fabric-covered interior and hide your stuff in style!