I destroy books for fun and profit, and I'm here to tell you how to do it too.

Book safes (aka Hollow Books, Secret Books, etc.) are a fantastic way to hide your stuff at home, but they also make great gifts (and great gift boxes). I've documented and explained my techiques, which I use to churn out several hundred book safes a year. After you've checked out my tutorials, feel free to drop me a line or see more information on Every Trick in the Book, my book safe crafting business.

Basic Hardcover Book Safes

These instructions will lead you though the process of making a basic book safe. Requires a scroll saw and a plain hardcover book.

Hardcover with Dustjacket and Magnets

Dust jackets allow for hidden magnets in this upscale version. This process requires a scroll saw, and a bit more work than the Basic Hardcover procedure.

Stacked Book Boxes

My original method to turn multiple slim books into a single safe. Perfect for old "Book of the Month" club volumes and cookbook series.

Original Hand-Made Method

No scroll saw? No problem. This is the original book safe tutorial to make a book safe with a box cutter. It won't look as good as a scroll sawed version, but it'll still hide your stuff in plain sight.

Supplies and Book Buying tips

All the tools you need and why you need them. Also, get tips on where to find books.

Other Methods and Embellishments

Companion tutorials to add special touches like padded fabric interiors and background images, as well as different cutting methods and paperback books.