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My Basic and Advanced Instructions can all be done without power tools, but in case you have them, you can explore some other great ways to make a hollow book safe. These are the best tutorials I found on the internet, with the pros, cons, and equipment summarized so that you can pick which one is right for you.

Hole Saw Quickie

LINK: "How to make a book safe #2"
VIDEO BY: Mandlize
OVERVIEW: Use a power drill with a hole saw bit to punch out round shapes.
YOU'LL NEED: Power drill, hole saw bit, wood boards, and clamps.
PROS: It's fast, it can make fun shapes, and it leaves clean cuts on the inside. Plus, you don't need box cutter or X-Acto knife, and there's no measuring involved.
CONS: Since you make a series of holes, you can't get straight edges or a box-shaped cavity.
NOTES: He recommends using rubber cement for the glue, which almost no one else does. Not sure how well this works.

Using an Oscillating Saw

LINK: "Secret Hollowed-Out Book Safe" (PDF)
GUIDE BY: Make Magazine
OVERVIEW: Cut out the pages with a power tool instead of by hand
YOU'LL NEED: Oscillating saw (aka a multifunction power tool), clamps, X-Acto knife, metal ruler, glue and brush, goggles.
PROS: Fast method that can get you unique shapes.
CONS: You need a multi-tool and clamps.

Using a Scroll Saw or Jigsaw

LINK: "Making a Book Safe"
GUIDE BY: RollingHitch
OVERVIEW: Use a scroll saw or jigsaw to cut out square or custom-shaped cavities.
YOU'LL NEED: A scroll saw or jigsaw, clamps, a power drill, backer boards, hammer and nails.
PROS: A fast process that can make more precise custom shapes than you can get with the above multi-tool method.
CONS: You need a scroll saw or jigsaw.

For the Master Craftsman

LINK: "How to Make A Book Safe"
VIDEO BY: RefinedPallet
OVERVIEW: 3-part, 35-minute tutorial to make a top-notch, high quality book safe.
YOU'LL NEED: X-Acto knife, metal ruler, glue and brush, spray adhesive, painter's tape, wax paper, fiber board, nail gun, power drill, scroll saw and table saw.
PROS: Creates a professional-quality book safe.
CONS: Lots of skills and materials needed.
NOTES: These videos will teach you how to make a high quality, rounded corner cavity with a scroll saw. His method involved reinforcing the pages with nails, which reduces the need for thick glue to hold the book together.

Bonus: Videos for Scroll Saw Tips and Tricks

CHANNEL: Mustache Mike's Scroll Saw Tips
VIDEOS BY: Stumpy Nubs's Woodworking Channel
OVERVIEW: The best way to do a book safe is with a scroll saw, full stop. But what if you haven't used one before, or haven't used one since high school woodshop? Mustache Mike has a great series on selecting blades, making turns and corners, cutting straight, and more.
DIFFICULTY: Low to high
YOU'LL NEED: Scroll saw and a variety of blades.
NOTES: In addition to general tips, he has a video to help you make a quick and basic Book Safe: "Make A Hidden Book Safe/Box Scroll Saw Project"